List, Manage, Automate Your® auctions hassle free

Connect your account, sell more stuff

Listagun is the only software that was created specifically for listing and managing auctions on®. The application is very easy to learn and understand.

With the easy-to- use one page listing template you can be listing auctions within five minutes of signing up.

Saved listings, completed auctions and orders information are stored on our server for as long as you subscribe to the program. No more losing your auction information after 90 days! It’s easy to relist an auction or edit a saved auction for a new item that is close in description to the saved item. You can also make changes to a current® auction from within the Listagun program.

Powerful automation for faster listing

The program allows you to save common entries within your listing descriptions so that they don't have to be entered ever again.

Your 'Profile' section allows you to enter common information once so it will automatically be loaded into your auction template, including item condition, zip code, FFL-required, listing type, duration, payment details, shipping cost, taxes, additional features, and additional auction instructions.

The application's image program allows you to drag and drop images into the Listing Template, and will automatically resize them to the optimum size for®. Images that you upload are stored on our server for as long as you subscribe to the program.

Comprehensive mobile options that go with you

Access from any Device

Listing and managing made even easier with responsive layout across a spectrum of devices including Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops and High Resolution desktop screens. Now manage and list on the go!

Hassle Free Order Management

Automate your order management process with our smartly laid out functions and emails. Multiple features that will help you manage your sale after the auction is complete.

Easily track auction activity and record receipt of payment, FFL, and shipping information. Print a packing slip. Payment reminders, feedback reminders, and FFL reminders can easily be sent from the program with one click. Winning bidder information with all the information your buyer needs to complete the sale is automatically sent out at the end of the auction. Shipping information is automatically sent to the buyers email when you complete and enter shipping information.

Multiple search options for previous and current orders allow you to quickly find information on every sold auction. Easily search and apply a payment or gather information during an ATF audit.

Payment tracking allows you to accept and track lay-away. Increase your final selling price by allowing more bidders the option of bidding on your auctions.

Listagun shows you the profit you made on each sale.